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Alessandro Nencioni

TDC ITALIA srl, Italy

"MODUX - No New Wires Advanced System"


Although, Wireless LANs (WLAN) free users from the constraints of tethered connections, constant exposure to radio waves at the frequency of 2.4GHz or 5GHz has unknown health effects. WLAN systems have an omnidirectional antenna that radiates in all directions and then bounce against walls bombarding everything in sight, including human beings.
POWERLINE technology for data transmission over domestic electric wire can help us design WLAN system with omnidirectional antenna at 360 degree at a reduced power. We will present MODO to illustrate how such systems can combine ubiquity, ease of use without sacrificing attention to safety.


Short Bio

Mr. Alessandro Nencioni has a mechanical technician degree from the Leonardo Da Vinci Institute in Florence, with a speciality in Information Science. He has many inventions in the electronics and mechanical sector and has taught himself LINUX to develop MODO, an embedded PCI board built completely in Italy using an embedded operating system based on LINUX.