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Claudine Guidat
Director of the ENSGSI, Nancy, France
and Deputy Mayor of the Nancy City Council

"The Time Dimension of Urban Policies"


Technology innovation is at the cross-road of sciences, engineering and humanities. Changes in the work environment are encouraging innovative ways to look at urban planning with the help of new information and telecommunications technologies. In particular, a reduced work week, increased women's participation and worker's mobility have desynchronized individual and group schedules.
This talk will discuss how the "triad time-space-technology" can be used to add a human touch to urban policies. Local governments can take advantage of new information and communication technologies to better address the needs of the public through:

  • increased access to public services
  • new urban products and services
  • networked services and organizations
  • new modes for dialogues with the citizenry


Short Bio

Professor Guidat is the Director of the École Nationale Supérieure en Génie des Systèmes Industriels (ENSGSI), Nancy France, and Professor of Innovation Sciences. The ENSGSI was created in 1993 to focus on the management of technological change and the epistemology of innovation sciences and engineering. Her main area of research is on the development of complex engineering systems. She has 5 patents, and more than 150 published papers in the field.
As an elected deputy mayor of Nancy, Professor Guidat has direct experience with the policy aspects of entrepreneurship, business incubation as well as the impact of new information technologies on the access of the citizenry to local governments.