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Network of the Future


Hossein Eslambolchi

AT&T's Chief Technology Officer and the President of AT&T Labs


Don't plan for the next revolution in networks - it is not going to happen. Instead, plan for an evolution to the network of the future as we integrate the old and the new. There will not be a network revolution because too much has been invested in the current network infrastructure to justify a wholesale changeover. The success of the network evolution depends in part on the ability to integrate the latest and greatest with the legacies. Most of the action of the network of the future will take place on the edge of the network where a multi-service architecture will be needed to handle and rationalize multi-service access like Ethernet, TDM, cable modems, DSL, etc.,
Hossein Eslambolchi will share a vision for this network of the future- a network topology with a multi-service edge structure and a "hands-free, self operating intelligent network. This network of the future becomes a fabric that provides control, resource balancing, security policies, and management of high performance and intelligent end devices. He will address the key challenges in this journey -transparent migration from the legacy network; maintenance of high standards of reliability, security and survivability; challenges of building and managing a self-operating network; and, the need for hardware and software vendors to accelerate this multi-service fabric vision.


Hossein Eslambolchi is AT&T's Chief Technology Officer and the President of AT&T Labs. As CTO, Hossein advises the AT&T Chairman and its' senior leaders on technology issues, and chairs a company-wide Technology Strategy and Development Council. As President of AT&T Labs, Hossein leads a team of the world's best scientists and engineers focused on next-generation Internet Protocol (IP)-based communications, entertainment and information services.
Hossein has a track record of developing new IP and broadband technologies to work for the benefit of AT&T customers. He holds 106 patents and is widely recognized as a technology leader. In October 1999, Hossein received AT&T's highest technical honor when he was appointed an AT&T Fellow. He has also received the 2001 NJ Inventors Hall of Fame Inventor of the Year Award, and in 1997 received the Thomas Alva Edison award, Strategically Significant Patent and the AT&T Labs Science and Technology Medal.
Hossein is on the board of advisors for Conexant as well as board of directors of the National Alliance of Business (NAB) and Wytec, and has also served as an Advisory Council member at the John Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering. Hossein has been published in 18 technical publications and is on the IEEE editorial board of the Journal of Network and Systems Management. In September 1988, Hossein participated on The President's Committee on the Employment of People with Disabilities, supporting their efforts to make information technology accessible to people with disabilities, and currently serves as AT&T's accessibility Champion.

Hossein graduated with highest honors from the University of California - San Diego with a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering, received his M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of California - San Diego.