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Present and Future of Embedded Systems

Dr. A. Cuomo

Corporate Vice-President and General Manager, Advanced System Technology ST Microelectronics


Semiconductors will play a key role to drive the technological evolution in the next 20 years. We already possess many of the technologies that will deeply change our scenario, among which we can mention nanotechnologies, bioelectronics, photonics, etc. The central role of Integrated Circuits in the economy will grow stronger and stronger in future, starting from the convergence between storage, security, video, audio, mobility and connectivity. Systems are converging and ICs are more and more converging with systems. The fundamental issue is how to translate knowledge and competences coming from different fields into single architectures. This consideration implies two main challenges for our industry.

The first challenge is to master a broad range of hardware and software technologies. The second, is to bring them into a single piece of silicon. To win in this scenario, we must possess a broad intellectual property (IP) portfolio and system know-how. Then, we need to have a large network of business and research partners, and to build key knowledge with them. We must also build the ability to pick up and integrate the innovative elements developed around the world. And in the end, a world-class manufacturing machine must translate all of this into world- class products, ensuring that customers receive the right device at the right time, in the right quantities, at the right price.
The key factor is to build the right culture. One one side, this implies to be open to share work, results and benefits with our research and business partners. On the other side, it means to build an organization for innovation, with the right mix of creativity, personal initiative and execution skills.


Andrea Cuomo was born in Milano, Italy in 1954 and studied Nuclear Sciences at the Milano "Politecnico" with a special focus on analog electronics. He joined the Italian semiconductor manufacturer SGS in 1983 as a System Testing Engineer and, from 1985 to 1988, he held various positions up to Marketing Manager in the automotive, computer and industrial product segments within the Monolithic Microsystems Division of SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics. This company was created in 1997 from the merger of SGS and Thomson Semiconducteurs and changed its name to STMicroelectronics in May 1998

In 1989, the Division became the Dedicated Products Group bychanging its focus and identity to better suit the needs of the market and of its customers. Andrea Cuomo was appointed Director of Strategy and Market Development, with responsibility over Strategic Marketing, Strategic Planning. One of his missions, was to developg strategic alliances with top customers. He left that position in 1994 when he was appointed Vice-President responsible for Marketing and Strategic Accounts within the Headquarters Region. In this position Andrea Cuomo had the responsibility for sales to the company's strategic accounts and for Corporate Strategic Marketing. He was also responsible for future semiconductor trends and for development of advanced systems by combining the diversified know-how and wide range technologies of the company.

In October 1998, Andrea Cuomo was appointed Vice-President responsible for Advanced System Technology (AST), a corporate organisation with the mission to be the driving force of the Company's strategy in the area of System on Chip and IP creation. To this aim, the main duties of the AST are the acquisition and development of system know how, the development of architectures and platforms for future strategic applications and the implementation of a comprehensive system level design approach.